Robin Berkelmans


  • Educator

    I'm a educator in contemporary dance and physical theater. My classes at the university deal with students of dance, mime and theatre and consist of technical and improvisational dance and movement.


    The research in these subjects work with formal technical training, improvisation and a training of embodied awareness. The teacher page shows the different subjects that I teach.


    My background and development in contemporary dance, sitespecific theatre, physical theater, dance theater, dance and movement improvisation, contact improvisation, tai chi quan, chi kung, nei gung, i chuan, thai massage and therapy, somatics, Taoist meditation, juggling, Latin dance and capoeira.


    Outside the professional artistic field, I offer hands-on and solo bodywork which translates as Bodywork of Robin Berkelmans (go to website). Here I teach Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Taoist meditation, somatics, contact improvisation and Thai massage.


    go to my videos on Youtube for trailers and impressions of my work


  • -              teaching at schools of performing arts

    I teach contemporary dance at the Amsterdam University of the Arts (mime and dramateacher) and the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg since 2008.


    On these two locations, I work with students on (contact) improvisation, experiential anatomy, floorwork and release technique. In addition, I coach the students on a artistic level in making their own work.


    At Theatreschool De Trap in Amsterdam I teach in presence and authenticity, Chi Kung, physical theater, group improvisation and stage fighting.


    Since 2015 I am also a teacher at the Pre education Contemporary Dance in Den Bosch, where I work with children from 10-17 who wish to go to the Universities of Dance in the Netherlands and be a professional dancer after that.


    go to teacher page for more info on the subjects


    go to my videos on Youtube for trailers and impressions of my work


    Short video of my workshop contemporary dance at Ankara University of Modern Dance

  • Artistic vision

    In my work I explore the inspired individual state-of-being in relation to human existence on a larger scale.


    Through a direct, physical performative perspective I seek ways to communicate the essence of art and life, and I want to clarify the significance of this through direct experience. By addressing the relationship with the spectators, I attempt to make the spectators collaborators in the investigative  creative process.


    With Happy Once More (2015), my approach for making work shifted from the more traditional theatre setting into an approach of performance as an event. The offering and addressing of a particular theme shifted into creating a situation in which a more participatory attitude towards the audience emerges.


    'Het zal wel weer hoi wezen',  'GRITT' and 'un|wind'  (go to maker) were preparing me for this new development. As a kind of melting pot, I see that 'Happy Once More' is carrying all my previous work in itself. With its simple structure it communicates clearly what my research has produced in previous years and where it has led me to.


    Right now, I am working in collaboration on Silhouette and The Onderbuik Sessions - two projects which continue this investigation.


    go to my videos on Youtube for trailers and impressions of my work

  • -              background as a maker

    General overview:


    I was one of the founders of Zure Room in 2006, a physical theatre collective that was working for Orkater in 2009 and touring with their work in the netherlands. They broke up in 2011.


    At the end of 2010 I made the solo GRITT at Dansmakers Amsterdam as a research.


    In 2012 I put Het zal wel weer hoi wezen on the stage for Frascati Festival Breakin' Walls.


    In the beginning of 2013 I made and performed un|wind together with Zeynep Gunduz. This performance was adapted to the short dancefilm Farewell, and was shown in various dancefilm festivals around the world.


    In may 2014  and june 2015 I presented the eductional performance 'SWIJP'  and 'Kast, Rats and Luchtkastelen; with the students of the dance teacher department at the Fontys Dance academy in Tilburg


    In november 2015 I presented Happy Once More, a minimalist 3 hour performance for the Stedelijk Museum in Den Bosch


    In 2017 I am developing in collaboration with fellow artists 'Silhouette' and 'The Onderbuik Sessions'


    go to maker for more background


    go to my videos on Youtube for trailers and impressions of my work



  • What else

    Next to this I have been one of the keyteachers of LEAP, which is part of the IDOCDE project, a european project on dance education and documentation. In collaboration with ICK Amsterdam.


    I am the dutch representative of french based Tai Chi Chuan and Chi Kung school l'Art du Chi.


    Since 2014 I am a teacher of Thai Yoga massage.


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