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a full day workshop and exploration of movement
in your nature together with other dancers!
In the last weeks and months the absence of touch and partners to move with, have deprived some of us of a crucial connection to our own body.

We will be diving deep into our body, feeling, sensing and exploring different qualities of movement within different surroundings - Sand, wood, water and air.

Furthermore, we will be partnering in our own authentic movement and with a partner to share the movement even without physical contact - to bring back the community and shared connection in movement and dance.

Practicalities -
Place - in the beautiful dunes of Overveen.
Time - we will meet there at 10:00, and start together at 10:30 till 17:00 with a lunch/swimming break.

You can sign in for one or two of the days (27 June and/or 19 July).

This workshop is given on a sliding scale base of 35-65 Euro for a full day - We ask you to give according to your generosity, possibility and will, and only after finishing the workshop, so you can feel how much you want to give back.

(If money is an issue, or you lost your income due to the Corona situation please contact us)

There are limited places and registration is required by filling this form  
Facilitators - Robin Berkelmans & Tom Goldhand

Contact with your body in nature

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