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Contact Improvisation

Maker & Performing Artist

For 30 years I have been a dancer and a movement enthusiast. My work is to perform and to teach people various movement practices on a almost daily basis - the most important ones are Contact Improvisation and performing improvisation. 

I love to research my relationship with my body, to research and develop natural functional movement and to nuance the experiential side of it. This all develops into a refined meaningful, authentic, sponteneous, aligned and embodied experience of myself. 

I have been teaching for over 20 years in various forms of movement - on an academic level for students of theatre and dance, for people who are professionally involved with dance/movement, or for people who want to dive in for the sheer joy of it and the value it gives to their lives.

My new program starting in september 2024 is a 7 month program designed to dive into Contact Improvisation. I developed this program out of a wish to share my experience and knowledge. CI can become an extraordinary rich experience in itself and valuable for our lives with our bodies. To share this process with like-minded people is great and I wish to offer a pathway for people to follow, and together with others, they can discover  more of themselves in dance, and use the tools to ground this within.

Towards Underscore

7 months refining your mobility and danceability




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