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about tai chi

Tai Chi and Chi Kung is about balancing body, mind and energy that passes through every person in daily life. Health improves, breathing deepens and consciousness clarifies. The practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung deepens through dedication and the progressive learning method.

Based on relaxation and clear attention, we work with a series of movements and dynamic postures. The practitioner learns to experience the movement of the body and the chi. Chi means "life energy", "universal energy". It's about vitality, the energy you have as a person.

art du chi

I represent Art du Chi, a French school, which has a focus on cultivating functional physical movement with a clear sense of the main meridians. The cultivation of the flow of Chi in motion and stillness ensures that the life energy of the practitioner is refined and deepened.


The Art du Chi curriculum consists of three Tai Chi forms, which increase in length and complexity. As a beginner you start at the beginning with the 24 (a series of movements of about fifteen minutes), which lays the foundation for the 108 and the subsequent 127. There is also a Chi Kung form, a series of 11 movements, which provides a basis for the techniques in 24 and 108.

We also do sitting and lying work, in which meditation, relaxation, awareness of and connection with the body are central topics. This forms the foundation for working with the Chi and the meridians. This work in itself is already very fruitful and becomes all the more powerful when it is integrated with the Tai Chi forms.



In de Claraklooster Kapel komt er een serie van 6 lessen ter kenningsmaking op:
7 april - 5 mei - 19 mei - 26 mei - 2 juni - 9 juni

18.45 - 20.00u

6 lessen a 12,50 euro = 75 euro
Je kan voor een proefles komen op 7 april of 5 mei.


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