dance maker

about my dance practice

In my work I investigate the individual-inspired state of being in relation to human existence on a larger level.


Through a direct, physical performative approach, I seek ways to communicate the essence of art, and I want to make its meaning clear through direct experience. By keeping the relationship with the people present open and accessible, I try to make them part of this investigative and creative process.


With my most recent works, Silhouette (2017) and Happy Once More (2015), the perspective for creating work is to create a situation in which a more participatory attitude of the audience emerges.


Het zal wel weer hoi wezen (2012), GRITT (2010) and u n | w i n d (2013) have prepared me for this development. As a kind of melting pot, I see that Happy Once More carries all my previous works. Because of its simple structure, it clearly communicates what my research has delivered in previous years and where it has led me to. This work has been continued in Silhouette (2017).


other work

My other work mainly manifested mainly in Zure Room, a movement theater company that I founded together with Collin van den Broek and Natalie Heevel. In the 2006-2009 period we made three works: Dikke Witte, Ai Jij Ei and Slagboomt. The latter was made in collaboration with Orkater, a well-known music theater company in the Netherlands.


In the videos above, you can get an impression of these and other works. 


Performing stage work

Below is a rough selection of a number of performances that I have performed in the past 20 years.